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Women’s Cricket: Watch Brazil does unthinkable, takes five wickets in the last over

 Women’s Cricket: Watch Brazil does unthinkable, takes five wickets in the last over

Women’s Cricket: Women’s cricket is growing as a serious sport all over the world. It is becoming more popular in terms of a sport in various countries and continents.

Moreover, the ICC has done a lot for the growth of Women’s cricket all over the world. However, there are a certain set of challenges that have begun due to various reasons.

But the Australian cricket Board also has done a lot for women’s cricket all over the world. They recently went on to start the Big Bash League for women which has garnered a lot of attention in the World. Moreover, the Aussies team also has done wonders.

However, more is expected from the BCCI but the Indian cricket Board has not given serious thought to it. The leading cricket experts believe that the BCCI should start a Women’s IPL to hold the growth of the sport.

But the BCCI is not interested in doing anything as such for now since it is not very economically viable. Plus there is not much market in terms of growth in India for the Women’s IPL. However, that does not rule out any other possibilities.

The BCCI is set to launch a Women’s only IPL in the coming years and the framework for it is being sent. However, it will take a certain amount of time since the COVID-19 pandemic has shattered the economics of the BCCI and various cricket boards.

Women’s Cricket: Brazil turns the table by knocking out Canada

A recent associate nations cricket match took place between Brazil Women’s and Canada Women’s. Though the match was a 20 over the match it was reduced to just 17 overs per side due to the climatic conditions in the host city.

However, Brazil Women’s did unthinkable as they took five wickets in the last over. It was a surreal performance from them. Moreover, the Canada Women’s team lost by just one run as they massively went on to choke in the Women’s game.

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